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It may not look like it, but Sharon and I do work hard, but love to play to unwind.  We may not behave like middle-aged women part of the time, but we don't care.  How is a middle-aged woman supposed to act, like an uptight bore?  Anyhow, we like that our inner child comes out to play, but knows when to behave.

Did you know that Sharon has four careers going at once?  Not only is she a stock investor, writer, researcher for various groups, but is dabbling in oil.  Someday, she hopes to learn more about the oil business.  She is a highly intelligent woman, but has this incredibly fun side that likes to do crazy and off-the-wall stuff.  Her personality is the perfect mix for my personality.

I am officially a published author (Arizona Back Roads: A Travel Guide to Ghosts, Outlaws, and Miners) and my first single book will be available on October 28, 2014 (pre-orders are available).  This is the first of my travel books.  I did illustrations for our children's and tween's books.  I have plans to do lots more illustrations.  I also designed most of our book covers.  Along with writing and illustrating books, I am enjoying my photography and crafts.  Basically, I am an artist and love every aspect of the craft.  Also, I have been married for over 33 years, have two kids, one daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and one grandson.  Oh yeah, I have two dogs too.

Sharon and I love our trips.  They are well-needed vacations and are partially business related. So occasionally we do silly videos after a long day and sometimes after a couple of drinks.  We don't apologize for our behavior because like Cyndi Lauper said in her song, "girls just wanna have fun!"  Enjoy some of my favorite moments (all recorded by Sharon).

Go to Sharon Day's YouTube Channel for more of her and I's crazy antics.


  1. We sure to get into mischief, but we also produce a lot of quality books and photographs (and memories)

    1. Yep, we are a couple of ladies that can do it all....lol.


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