Zombie Housewives on the 1980's is Published!

Yahoo!!  The fourth and final zombie housewives book is finally published and ready for purchase.  This book takes place in the 1980's and follows the lives of Brandi and Madison.  This is the description for the book:

"Zombie Housewives of the 1980’s, the fourth book in the “Zombie Housewives” series, takes the reader into the decade of the 1980’s where everything is brighter, louder, and more obnoxious than any other generation. Pop icons, technology, and materialism are the standard measures of success. When ZIDS (zombies-in-development syndrome) hits the rock circuit and spreads throughout the world creating invincible flesh-eating zombies, its influence is reflected in all pop culture of the 1980’s. Join Brandi, the mall rat and girl band member, and Madison, the entrepreneur and materialistic yuppie, on their journey through the wild 80’s as women of the decade and zombies, as well. Enjoy this urban fantasy, social satire, tongue-in-cheek book in Kindle format and this FULL-COLOR COLLECTIBLE VERSION."

Amazon - Paperback and Kindle
Barnes and Noble - Nook

Eventually, we will be putting all four books in one big fat zombie housewives of the apocalypse book.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to have all four decades in one book.  I don't know when this book will be published, but we will let everyone know when that time comes.  Meanwhile, all our books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at all online bookstores everywhere.


  1. awesome... i have to catch up on the last one. great going ladies of the 80's!


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