What Am I Doing...

...for the rest of the year?  Starting with November 1 &2, I will be at FearCon with my coauthor, friend and travel buddy, Sharon Day of  Ghost Hunting Theories.  We will be meeting people and signing our many books.  (Posts on the event to follow.)

Also in November, I will be hitting the road with my two sister-in-laws.  We are spending a couple days and one night in Bisbee.  These ladies have lived in Arizona many years and have never been to Bisbee.  I know, shocking!!  Of course I am always looking for the opportunity to hit the road, so having them finally visiting Bisbee was a good excuse on my part.

Not much more for November except for Thanksgiving.  We have no plans as of yet.

In December, I will take a road trip with Sharon back to the abandoned trailer park for more junk to pillage.  Last time we were there, a couple of stray dogs made the place their home.  We are hoping that they moved out and found better accommodations.  After hunting for junk, we will travel to Gila Bend and the UFO Cafe for a bacon cheeseburger....yummy!

Around Christmas time, we are heading out for a couple of days to enjoy the holiday in Payson.  We are hoping for snow to make it feel more like Christmas.

Sharon and I have trips planned in 2015.  January will start with a trip back to Tombstone.  A friend is coming here to visit and he wants to see the historic town.  Other places we plan to see in 2015 are; Four Corners, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Texas.  My family and I are also planning trips as well.  We will be hitting the beaches, amusement parks, and historic sites of San Diego.


  1. I love being busy. I am a happy girl when I have lots of fun things to do.


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