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Corey Schubert (Screenwriter, Author) and Eijo
Their blog, “Write, Maniacs, Write!” is where they “explore the writing process through a dark glass of personal observations, in-depth analyses, and other assorted shenanigans.”

Corey Schuber (the Schube) started his proficient writing career when he was 16 in a little town in Maryland.  At 19, he left for greener pastures to Florida where he spent time writing obituaries. After that, he finally got the opportunity to write for a foremost newspaper.  Some of his stories achieved nationwide awareness which aided Corey into being the prominent reporter on a couple huge murder stories and the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.  Corey's careers have been a public affairs editor for NASA-KSC, media liaison, and a media relations specialist, which is his current position.

Eijo started writing at the ripe ol’ age of eight and spent his childhood living in various places.  After college, he became a bit of a wanderer, who traveled about looking for writing gigs.  Today, he is a freelance journalist and working towards a career in screenwriting.

The short film, “Hell of a Deal,” was co-written and co-produced by them.  It is around 9 minutes and is a “grindhouse thriller”.  The movie site, Film Shortage choose their film as feature of the day.  Watch their film online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9BYO397eDg

Bruce Bray (Composer, Sound Design)
This picture is from his Facebook page.
His music is amazing and will blow you away!  At eight, he started playing guitar.  His bluegrass influence motivated his career where he was in various bands during his early adulthood.  During adolescent, his choice of musical instrument was the trombone, which steered his love of eclectic style of music.   He has always been intrigued by soundtracks and their diverse character.  It became clear to him that this was a field he wanted to explore and ultimately become a part of.  In no time, Bruce’s music could be heard in radio ads and DJ video blogs.  He is looking to add Indie Filmmakers and Television producers to his resume.  Check out his website, and take a listen to this very talented artist: http://brucebray.com/

Bloody Ramblings, Inc. (Video Production Firm)
“Where the whispers of the damned can be heard”
Michael Flanders (Co-Owner)
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