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Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS)
For several years, Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society has been exploring and inspecting the many paranormal claims around the state.  Their main function is ghostly enquiries, but they also have progressed into “a full service, professional paranormal organization”.
Their studies have taken them to numerous haunted locations.  They make use of the most recent equipment to assist in their mission to communicate with the departed who may still be walking the halls of these locations.  After analyzing all their videos, recordings and photos, they will look for a logical answer to the mysterious happenings and debunk the encounters or have a compelling explanation for the paranormal activity.
For 20 years, this group has performed with other groups in the New Jersey region, but has been the Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society since 2008.  They also do not charge for anyone who needs their help.
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Ghost Hunters Outlet

“The one source for all your paranormal gear” 
The Ghost Hunters Outlet is where you can find and purchase paranormal investigation paraphernalia for a reduced price.  Their prices may be low, but their equipment is top notch.  They guarantee the quality of the gear because they have used just about every tool in the shop on their own investigations.  Whatever they offer, they make sure they have direct knowledge of how it works before selling it to you.  They are a small company and state on their website, “We are investigators selling to fellow investigators.”  
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