Crossing Over Paranormal Society & P.I.E. Equipment

Crossing Over Paranormal Society (COPS)

The C.O.P.S. Crew began in 2003 with a husband and wife duo, Jay and Marie Yates.  They investigated any places notorious for having ghostly activities around the state of Arizona.  The couple found themselves the subjects of a demonic haunting in their own house.  Shortly afterwards, they created “The COPS Crew” to aid, counsel, educate others who are undergoing paranormal encounters, and reveal what happened to them.  They never charge for an investigation.  Their motto is, “We seek truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal.”

Check out their website for more information about this group:

Paranormal Investigation Equipment (P.I.E.)

The Paranormal Investigation Equipment’s shop has set out to assist anyone in the paranormal field in finding the best equipment and tools for their paranormal studies.  They provide you with quality paraphernalia at affordable prices.  They will also aid others in their inquiries and probing of all things paranormal.  They are also looking for evidence and solid verification of the paranormal.  To see all the equipment they sell, check out their website and Facebook pages:



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