Custom Coffins and Vehicle Rentals

Custom Coffin Works

If you want to have an amusing theme for your party, start by leasing a casket.  Custom Coffin Works is the place to call for you to rent that genuine metal or wood casket.  These coffins are perfect for storing more than 300 lbs. of ice or four standard size kegs.  You can also have a choice of fully equipped caskets with lined interiors.  You can rent them for a weekend or a month depending on your needs.

Coffins are not the only thing you can lease for your party.  How about customized Coffin Car for your gathering?  They are strictly for presentation only but would be the perfect show piece that your guest would be talking about even when the bash is over.  The car can be driven to be parked outside or even inside your house.  For more information on where and how to rent these entertaining items for your party, check out their website:


Will-it-make-it challenges all their vehicles by putting them through grueling tests by destroying each one, only to fix them up and abolish them again.  They have been battering cars for over a decade. They do anything to each vehicle such as messing with the fluids, just to see if “will it make it”.  Why?  Maybe they do it for fun, but also to use in movie or TV stunts.  Their stunts have been featured on TV shows on channels such as True TV, MTV, Spike TV, Travel Channel, CMT, NBC, and G4.  They have even won several awards for their stunts and vehicles.  For more about them, check out their website and Facebook page.


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