Department of Zombie Defense

Their motto:  “If it’s dead… we’ll kill it!”

This exclusive group is devoted to the complete obliteration of the zombie infestation, and those undead who are a menace to all mankind.  They make it their mission to protect every individual by eradicating every undead creature and their makers.  Their instructions and guidance will aid you in being more cognizant and prepared in this every growing zombie menace.

They are always looking for new trainees who are driven, and have the endurance for expert preparation to be able to battle zombies.  Basically, as they put it, “If you have a heartbeat, you can be an Agent of the Department of Zombie Defense.”

Be sure to visit their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to see how to join the group and to buy D.O.Z.D. products:

Phoenix FearCon 2014
Phoenix Zombie Walk 2011

Be sure to also check out:


  1. Wow, that's awesome. Those guys are definitely prepared for the apocalypse.

  2. They would more like be the only survivors if the a zombie apocalypse did occur.


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