The Toxic Advenger & Tutu

The Toxic Avenger is the tale of Melvin (played by Mark Trogl), known as mop boy, who lives in the fictitious town of Tromaville, and works at the Tromaville Health Club.  Melvin caters to the snobby, self-indulgent and disrespectful club affiliates to the point of trusting their phony behavior.  His convictions eventually cause him to inadvertently tumble into a tub of toxic waste and change his life forever.  The consequence of this accident is a horrific, but humorous crusader known as the Toxic Avenger.  He vows to clean up the town of all the dishonesty and tormentors like those who are members of the health club. 

TOXIC TUTU is a mockumentary feature film that chronicles the emergence of Mark Torgl, who starred as Melvin the Mopboy in the legendary cult film classic "The Toxic Avenger" (Troma classic).

This flick cuts to thirty years later after a long absenteeism from our crusader, the Toxic Avenger.  The certainty of the films accuracy evolves as we follow Mark from one horror convention to another.  This voyage is documented on film to get the opinions of the fans who may have surmised why Mark had disappeared all this time.  Were the special effects real?  Was Mark actually marred and looked like a horrible monster?

In this film, many surprises and mysteries will come to light on what really happened on the set of the Toxic Avenger.  Not only will skeleton’s hiding in the closet finally come out, but the Toxic Tutu pays homage to the many loyal Troma fans.  The film’s technique is that of a documentary with interviews with fans and guest celebrities.

“You will find great moments of pleasure and titillation woven into the realism of this Toxic Tutu experience. So, brace yourself for the unexpected...”

Mark Torgl is the absolute Troma actor.  He has appeared in not only The Toxic Avenger, but other films of theirs as well.  He was remarkable as the ill-mannered Duane in The First Turn On as Duane, and had a small part in Toxic Avenger 4 as Evil Melvin.  When Mark relocated to Los Angeles it was to be a film and television editor.  At present time, he works for “Entertainment Studios” and travels the convention circuit filming his mockumentary, Toxic Tutu, with filmmaker Joe Nardelli.

I met Mark at the Phoenix FearCon’s Halloween Ball.  He was fun and interesting to talk with.  He told us about his latest project (Toxic Tutu), and explained some of the places he has been.  It may have been years since The Toxic Avenger, but Mark Torgl’s fans still remember him and Melvin the Mop Boy.


  1. The Toxic Avenger-Full Movie

  2. There is a show I have not seen in over a decade. And with the link I know what I be will be watching this weekend. Thanks


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