Back Roads Journal

I have officially changed the name of this blog to "Back Roads Journal".  The familiar name, "Above the Norm" will still show in the title, but will take a backseat to the new title.  This blog started out strictly as a paranormal blog, but has evolved into more of a travel blog.  Although I will be posting my trips and pictures, I will still have ghost stories of haunted places, history of famous places, and any other weird facts I think you may enjoy.

I just recently went back to Bisbee and have a whole new set of photos and stories to tell.  My sister-in-law, Deb, and I stayed at the Inn at Castle Rock.  My review of this place will be in an up-and-coming post.  We also stopped at the Holy Trinity Monastery on the way to Bisbee, and Boothill on the way home.  I also took her to Lowell and the Evergreen Cemetery.  So sit back, and enjoy...


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