Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brain Damage Films

If you are looking for the finest, gruesome, and greatest assortment of independent horror films, check out the website of Brain Damage Films.  They have been distributing hundreds of terror and jaw-dropping movies since 2001.  You can get your fill of the many bloody, graphic, sexy, and creepy monsters that these low-budget flicks can offer.  They refer to their many fans as “Gorehounds” and say they are grateful for the many B movie choice found in Brain Damage Films catalog.  After checking out the many choices of horror movies on DVD from their website, head over to their blog to get another dose of horror for your entertainment.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Custom Coffins and Vehicle Rentals

Custom Coffin Works

If you want to have an amusing theme for your party, start by leasing a casket.  Custom Coffin Works is the place to call for you to rent that genuine metal or wood casket.  These coffins are perfect for storing more than 300 lbs. of ice or four standard size kegs.  You can also have a choice of fully equipped caskets with lined interiors.  You can rent them for a weekend or a month depending on your needs.

Coffins are not the only thing you can lease for your party.  How about customized Coffin Car for your gathering?  They are strictly for presentation only but would be the perfect show piece that your guest would be talking about even when the bash is over.  The car can be driven to be parked outside or even inside your house.  For more information on where and how to rent these entertaining items for your party, check out their website:


Will-it-make-it challenges all their vehicles by putting them through grueling tests by destroying each one, only to fix them up and abolish them again.  They have been battering cars for over a decade. They do anything to each vehicle such as messing with the fluids, just to see if “will it make it”.  Why?  Maybe they do it for fun, but also to use in movie or TV stunts.  Their stunts have been featured on TV shows on channels such as True TV, MTV, Spike TV, Travel Channel, CMT, NBC, and G4.  They have even won several awards for their stunts and vehicles.  For more about them, check out their website and Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Writer, Musician and Production Firm

Corey Schubert (Screenwriter, Author) and Eijo
Their blog, “Write, Maniacs, Write!” is where they “explore the writing process through a dark glass of personal observations, in-depth analyses, and other assorted shenanigans.”

Corey Schuber (the Schube) started his proficient writing career when he was 16 in a little town in Maryland.  At 19, he left for greener pastures to Florida where he spent time writing obituaries. After that, he finally got the opportunity to write for a foremost newspaper.  Some of his stories achieved nationwide awareness which aided Corey into being the prominent reporter on a couple huge murder stories and the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.  Corey's careers have been a public affairs editor for NASA-KSC, media liaison, and a media relations specialist, which is his current position.

Eijo started writing at the ripe ol’ age of eight and spent his childhood living in various places.  After college, he became a bit of a wanderer, who traveled about looking for writing gigs.  Today, he is a freelance journalist and working towards a career in screenwriting.

The short film, “Hell of a Deal,” was co-written and co-produced by them.  It is around 9 minutes and is a “grindhouse thriller”.  The movie site, Film Shortage choose their film as feature of the day.  Watch their film online:

Bruce Bray (Composer, Sound Design)
This picture is from his Facebook page.
His music is amazing and will blow you away!  At eight, he started playing guitar.  His bluegrass influence motivated his career where he was in various bands during his early adulthood.  During adolescent, his choice of musical instrument was the trombone, which steered his love of eclectic style of music.   He has always been intrigued by soundtracks and their diverse character.  It became clear to him that this was a field he wanted to explore and ultimately become a part of.  In no time, Bruce’s music could be heard in radio ads and DJ video blogs.  He is looking to add Indie Filmmakers and Television producers to his resume.  Check out his website, and take a listen to this very talented artist:

Bloody Ramblings, Inc. (Video Production Firm)
“Where the whispers of the damned can be heard”
Michael Flanders (Co-Owner)
6129 W. Pierce Street
Phoenix, AZ  85043
(623) 806-6782

Monday, November 24, 2014

Department of Zombie Defense

Their motto:  “If it’s dead… we’ll kill it!”

This exclusive group is devoted to the complete obliteration of the zombie infestation, and those undead who are a menace to all mankind.  They make it their mission to protect every individual by eradicating every undead creature and their makers.  Their instructions and guidance will aid you in being more cognizant and prepared in this every growing zombie menace.

They are always looking for new trainees who are driven, and have the endurance for expert preparation to be able to battle zombies.  Basically, as they put it, “If you have a heartbeat, you can be an Agent of the Department of Zombie Defense.”

Be sure to visit their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to see how to join the group and to buy D.O.Z.D. products:

Phoenix FearCon 2014
Phoenix Zombie Walk 2011

Be sure to also check out:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

AZ Paranormal Investigations & Ghost Outlet

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS)
For several years, Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society has been exploring and inspecting the many paranormal claims around the state.  Their main function is ghostly enquiries, but they also have progressed into “a full service, professional paranormal organization”.
Their studies have taken them to numerous haunted locations.  They make use of the most recent equipment to assist in their mission to communicate with the departed who may still be walking the halls of these locations.  After analyzing all their videos, recordings and photos, they will look for a logical answer to the mysterious happenings and debunk the encounters or have a compelling explanation for the paranormal activity.
For 20 years, this group has performed with other groups in the New Jersey region, but has been the Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society since 2008.  They also do not charge for anyone who needs their help.
To learn more about this team and their investigators, check out their website:
Ghost Hunters Outlet

“The one source for all your paranormal gear” 
The Ghost Hunters Outlet is where you can find and purchase paranormal investigation paraphernalia for a reduced price.  Their prices may be low, but their equipment is top notch.  They guarantee the quality of the gear because they have used just about every tool in the shop on their own investigations.  Whatever they offer, they make sure they have direct knowledge of how it works before selling it to you.  They are a small company and state on their website, “We are investigators selling to fellow investigators.”  
Check out their website and store:
Like them on Facebook:

Be sure to check out:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crossing Over Paranormal Society & P.I.E. Equipment

Crossing Over Paranormal Society (COPS)

The C.O.P.S. Crew began in 2003 with a husband and wife duo, Jay and Marie Yates.  They investigated any places notorious for having ghostly activities around the state of Arizona.  The couple found themselves the subjects of a demonic haunting in their own house.  Shortly afterwards, they created “The COPS Crew” to aid, counsel, educate others who are undergoing paranormal encounters, and reveal what happened to them.  They never charge for an investigation.  Their motto is, “We seek truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal.”

Check out their website for more information about this group:

Paranormal Investigation Equipment (P.I.E.)

The Paranormal Investigation Equipment’s shop has set out to assist anyone in the paranormal field in finding the best equipment and tools for their paranormal studies.  They provide you with quality paraphernalia at affordable prices.  They will also aid others in their inquiries and probing of all things paranormal.  They are also looking for evidence and solid verification of the paranormal.  To see all the equipment they sell, check out their website and Facebook pages:


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Toxic Advenger & Tutu

The Toxic Avenger is the tale of Melvin (played by Mark Trogl), known as mop boy, who lives in the fictitious town of Tromaville, and works at the Tromaville Health Club.  Melvin caters to the snobby, self-indulgent and disrespectful club affiliates to the point of trusting their phony behavior.  His convictions eventually cause him to inadvertently tumble into a tub of toxic waste and change his life forever.  The consequence of this accident is a horrific, but humorous crusader known as the Toxic Avenger.  He vows to clean up the town of all the dishonesty and tormentors like those who are members of the health club. 

TOXIC TUTU is a mockumentary feature film that chronicles the emergence of Mark Torgl, who starred as Melvin the Mopboy in the legendary cult film classic "The Toxic Avenger" (Troma classic).

This flick cuts to thirty years later after a long absenteeism from our crusader, the Toxic Avenger.  The certainty of the films accuracy evolves as we follow Mark from one horror convention to another.  This voyage is documented on film to get the opinions of the fans who may have surmised why Mark had disappeared all this time.  Were the special effects real?  Was Mark actually marred and looked like a horrible monster?

In this film, many surprises and mysteries will come to light on what really happened on the set of the Toxic Avenger.  Not only will skeleton’s hiding in the closet finally come out, but the Toxic Tutu pays homage to the many loyal Troma fans.  The film’s technique is that of a documentary with interviews with fans and guest celebrities.

“You will find great moments of pleasure and titillation woven into the realism of this Toxic Tutu experience. So, brace yourself for the unexpected...”

Mark Torgl is the absolute Troma actor.  He has appeared in not only The Toxic Avenger, but other films of theirs as well.  He was remarkable as the ill-mannered Duane in The First Turn On as Duane, and had a small part in Toxic Avenger 4 as Evil Melvin.  When Mark relocated to Los Angeles it was to be a film and television editor.  At present time, he works for “Entertainment Studios” and travels the convention circuit filming his mockumentary, Toxic Tutu, with filmmaker Joe Nardelli.

I met Mark at the Phoenix FearCon’s Halloween Ball.  He was fun and interesting to talk with.  He told us about his latest project (Toxic Tutu), and explained some of the places he has been.  It may have been years since The Toxic Avenger, but Mark Torgl’s fans still remember him and Melvin the Mop Boy.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Phoenix FearCon 2014: Celebrity Guests

The photo is courtesy of Debe Branning.  Check out her article of The Walking Dead panel discussion.
Examiner Walking Dead Cast Article
The theme for this year’s Phoenix FearCon was geared towards the AMC TV show, The Walking Dead.  We were thrilled to have some of the actors from the show at the event for autographs and a discussion panel.  Who was there?

Theodus Crane

Me and Theodus
Theodus Crane (Big Tiny), a prisoner in residence.  Theodus began his professional acting career in Georgia.  He has acted on stage, even vaudeville/sideshow acts, and started his TV career in 2010.  This amateur fighter currently lives in New Orleans, LA.  He was a nice man and a pleasure to get to know. Theodus Crane Facebook page

Kyla Kenedy (Mika) was a part of the most talked about and surprise ending of Season 4.  Her character was killed by her disturbed sister, Lizzie.  This young actress has been keeping busy since her character's demise, guest starring on several shows and having other projects in the works.

Markice Moore (Andrew) is recognized as Kesan, an actor, rapper, and reality star.  I really enjoyed meeting him.  Markice Moore Facebook page

Markice Moore

Me and Markice

Greg Crews (The Snoring Guy) currently lives in Georgia.  He was in the Navy and a skilled truck mechanic before becoming an actor.

Michael Koske (various walkers, Calloway) enjoys going to conventions and meeting the fans.  He currently lives in Georgia and regularly shows up on The Walking Dead as a walker.

Larry Mainland (stuntman, zombie) works out of Georgia as a stuntman and actor.  After his picture appeared in GQ Magazine as a walker for the show, he was lovingly labeled “The GQ Zombie”.  His image of a walker has appeared on countless magazines and other items.

Mike Mundy (Grandpa Walker) started season 3 with a shot of his eyeball in the opening scene.  Mike takes acting jobs at any time he can get them.  When not working, he relishes hanging out with his friends and family, cooking, traveling and many other activities.

Sonya Thompson (zombie) portrays zombies on the hit show or also known as “walkers”.  She is a very busy gal who has appeared in several movies, music videos, and TV commercials.  She is an upbeat person who is always looking for the best in everything.

Some of the other celebrities who were there are:

Ken Foree has appeared in numerous horror and other genre films.  Some of his movies include Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, From Beyond, Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.

Oliver Robins started his acting career at the age of ten in the horror flick, Poltergeist.  He acted in a few TV shows and movies but preferred being behind camera as a director.  Oliver has written, directed and produced many short and feature films such as Dumped, and Wild Roomies.

Tiffany Shepisshepis is a New York native and a very hard-working actress.  She has many movies to her credit such as The Hazing, Nightmare Man, and Night of the Demons for example.  Her latest was Sharknado 2 where her character met her demise from a flying shark.

Mark Torgl is best known as Melvin the Mopboy in The Toxic Avenger.  (I will have more information on Mark and his movies on my next ATN post.  Stay tune…)

Me, Mark Torgl, and Sharon at the Phoenix FearCon Halloween Ball.

Jennifer Lynn Warren has not been acting very long, but landed a role on American Horror Story: Coven.  Her character, Borquita LaLaurie, was the defiant daughter of Delphine LaLaurie, played by the fabulous Kathy Bates.  Before acting, Jennifer was a stunt woman and belly dancer.

Fred Williamson, also known as “The Hammer”, has appeared in many movies.  Some of the ones to his credit are Black Caesar, Inglorious Bastards, Vigilante, Original Ganstas, Starsky and Hutch, and as a Vietnam vet turned trucker in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Sharon, Fred Williamson and me

John Brightman is the founder of New England Paranormal Research, and has been investigating for nearly a decade.

Craig W. Chenery (Zombie and pop culture specialist) is the award winning and critically acclaimed author of “Blood Splatter: A Guide to Cinematic Zombie Violence, Gore and Special Effects” and “The Comicon and Convention Survival Guide”.

Jim O’Rear is a screenwriter for many horror type films.  His work includes Hayride Slaughter and Scream Farm.  His writing doesn’t stop there.  He has been published in numerous national publications.

Chanel Ryan’s acting career began in 1994 in the movie, Waiting for the Rocket.  She has appeared in many other films such as BASEkeball, Dorothy and the Witches of Oz, Bad Kids Go to Hell, Fantazia, and the soon to be released horror film, Alice D.

Scott Tepperman is best known for his appearance on Ghost Hunters International.  He is now working on projects in the economical indie horror category.  Scott still has interest in the paranormal, but is very busy with future movie projects such as Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness 5, and ID: Don’t Look in the Basement2.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Arizona's Walking Dead Cosplay and Corpse Crew

I was fortunate to meet some of the actors from the Walking Dead Cosplay AZ group.  They are a delightful bunch of performers who love the show The Walking Dead.  They will recreate scenes from the show, and spearhead panel dialogues with the show's fans.  If you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out their Facebook page.
Email them at

The Walking Dead Cosplay AZ

Another entertaining local group is the Arizona Corpse Crew.  They are a certified fx and cosplay assemblage who not only conduct all the acting, but creates their own prosthetic as well. The group began in 2013 and have been all over the area terrifying people and having fun.  They also have a collection of original videos.  (AZ Corpse Crew YouTube Channel)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fear Farm's Daytime Tour

I took many pictures of the Fear Farm attractions when Sharon and I took a daytime tour.  I put most of them on a video along with eerie music.  Hopefully, this will get some of you very excited to attend Fear Farm next Halloween season.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Horror Show

What exactly is the Horror Show?  They are a group of enthusiastic admirers of the grotesque and the terrifying.  Their unique entertainment videos and pictures span anywhere from evaluating movies, explaining various bits and pieces of horror, and also some humor as well.  As they state on their YouTube page:  “We are a Horror-Themed Variety Channel!”  Check them out and be sure to follow them.

Twitter:  @HorrorShow666

Twisty from American Horror Story Freak Show was at Phoenix FearCon thanks to the Horror Show.

Be sure to check out:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Creatures, Zombies and Clowns...Oh My!

I saw some interesting and scary things running amuck along the midway at Phoenix FearCon.  There were zombies, various creatures, creepy clowns wandering around scaring the guests, and even the vendors.  I pulled out my camera and shot everyone of them:

Enormous boobs!


(courtesy of The Horror Show:

Dale the Doll

Evil bunny!