Free People

The store first began in 1970’s in West Philadelphia by Dick Hayne.  His store was named Free People and catered to the younger crowd that lived in the area.  He observed that they wanted individuality and provided clothes that would suit their needs.  When the demand increased for his merchandise, he opened another store and changed the name to Urban Outfitters.  When the requests for his clothing became enormous, Dick started a wholesale line with names such as Bulldog, Ecote, Cooperative, and Anthropologie.  By 1984, he saw a need to energize and renew the Free People moniker.

The Free People’s look evolved from offering clothes for just the young generation to more of an older and fashionable aspect.  The hippy-girly-plucky-essence and individual look became their persona.  Not only did they go for a certain image and great distinction, but their prices are reasonable too.

For more information and a catalog of their merchandise, check out their website:


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