LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Their motto is:  “We believe in fresh organic products; purchasing ingredients from companies who don’t participate in animal testing; no preservatives or fragrances; and a fresh product.”

LUSH began the 1970’s when Mark, a trichologist, and Liz, a beauty therapist had an encounter in a beauty shop in England.  After that and not many year afterwards, they came to a decision to market their own organic hair and beauty products.  They first created the goods at home and in the early part of the 1980’s, and they sent samples to the owner of The Body Shop.  Their items were well received and they were The Body Shop’s largest provider for more than 10 years.  By the 1990’s, they sold their product formulas to The Body Shop, and started a mail order company, Cosmetics-To-Go.  After five years, they sold the product formulas and the Cosmetics-To-Go name.  In 1995, Mark did not like how their products were being made and took it upon himself to generate the right fragrances.  They had a contest to have their customers give their new company a name, and someone came up with the name LUSH.  A year later, the first LUSH store began in Vancouver, and in 2003, the first American store was launched in San Francisco.  Today, they have over 210 stores throughout North America.

Every time I spend a couple of nights at Sharon’s place, we always seem to find ourselves at the Chandler Mall where a LUSH store is located.  I have purchased many of their products and love them all.  My hair feels fuller and my skin looks great.  Check out their website and give their products a try: .


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