Murder and the Plantation

The murder/suicide house and Rosewell Plantation ruins in Virginia are a couple of places to see while in Gloucester.  I couldn't help but to take tons of pictures especially of Rosewell.  Every inch of that place offered a great picture to photograph.  The murder/suicide house was a creepy place with an interesting story.

This magnificent ruins are all that are left to the Rosewell mansion built in 1725-1738 and gutted by fire in 1916. I take you on a photographic tour of what now remains.  Check out my post from last year on this magnificent place:

This eerie abandoned house in Virginia has sat empty for over 60 years following a murder-suicide. Many rumors have floated around about witches using the place and of ghost haunting the house.  For more on the history of this place and the experience Sharon and I had, check out my blog post from last year:


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