Mission Beach

While my family and I were in San Diego, we visited Mission Beach which was near the house we were renting.  Mission Beach is located and flanked by Pacific Beach to the north and Belmont Park to the south.  There are many goings-on and things to do at this beach.  There are warm sands, swimming and surfing in designated areas.  From your towels and umbrellas at the beach, you have choices from hot dog stands to reasonable bistros, night clubs, and interesting entertainment.

You can choose to enjoy the beach area near Belmont Park.  This amusement park has an enormous roller coaster called the Giant Dipper.  This area is very active with people rollerblading, bike riders, and skate boarders.  There are plenty of places to dine in this area.

If you want a more leisurely place to enjoy the beach, then the South Mission Beach is for you.  This is where we went.  You can swim in certain places and are away from the surfers.  Sit back and listen to the sounds of the waves and watch the boats in the background travel through the harbor.  They say that about a half-mile from the coast is where a sequence of shipwrecks happened.  This area generated a mock reef where divers love to check out and explore.


  1. Miss those weekend BBQs at the beach with grandparents.


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