Arizona Chainsaw Massacre?

These two pictures were from the first visit.
Sharon and managed to find a couple of abandoned structures after photographing a cemetery in Laveen, AZ.  We took pictures of this place the last time we visited the cemetery and just had to see it again.  We thought someone may be living there, but we were not sure.  The place looked abandoned with a stray cat wandering around.  We parked in the front driveway near the gate.  In the back area was a human-like figure on a wood cross.  We thought it was creepy, and with the bright/colorful sun behind it, it looked more menacing.  We took several pictures using our zoom to be able to get a closer look.  We are pretty sure it was part of their decorations for Halloween, but we could be 100% positive.  The figure looked like a real person.  The whole scene reminded me of the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  I was sure Leatherface was going to come running out and chase us with a chainsaw, but luckily he didn't.  After getting home and further examining the figure, we came to the conclusion it was a Halloween decoration or scarecrow and not a real person.  Whew, I am glad it wasn't a crime scene, haha!


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