For Sale: Kirkland Steakhouse and Bar

We just did a ghost investigation at the Kirkland Steakhouse and Bar.  (Post to follow)  The owners, Herb and Barb, have retained the place for over 23 years, are in their 70's, and ready to take on less responsibilities.  Herb has a cattle farm and would rather put all his energies just doing that.

Kirkland was named after William H. Kirkland who came to the valley in 1863 with his wife and children.  The building where the steakhouse and bar reside was built in 1894 by Thomas Earnhart.  It started as a store, served as a post office, and even a brothel.  The safe was put in a room with thick cement walls and ceiling to protect it from robbers.  Some say the there were a couple of murders on the premises.  One was a madam known as Mary who had her throat slashed.  In 1922, there was a huge fire and the entire second floor was gone.

The place is rustic to say the least.  It appears that Herb and Barbara have not done any improvements since I last visited the location in 2012.  They are asking 2 million for the place, but I have a feeling they might bargain with an interested party.  So what is included besides the 10,000 square foot historic building with a bar, restaurant and 8 rooms?  It sits on 10 acres with 2 great wells, 4 septic systems, and a 3,000 square foot home.  The commercial/residential lot can give you the option to add more buildings, homes, or whatever you want to give this quiet location a boost.  If you are interested, give Herb or Barbara a call.

8985 Iron Springs Rd, Kirkland, AZ 86332
(928) 442-3408


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