2015 Out; 2016 In

Here it is, another year.  I always start out the New Year by reflecting on the last one.  Lots happened in 2015.  Some of the things were positive, while others not so much.  Like years of the past, I was able to take fun and adventurous road trips.  I started 2015 in Tombstone, took two wine country trips with the gals, checked out a couple small Arizona towns I have never been to, visited a historic prison, and spent a week in San Diego with my family.  My husband and I were able to buy a house in May.  It is our dream home with four bedrooms, three baths, a pool, and huge Man Cave.  Sharon came over a couple of times and we had entertaining antics checking out the west side of Phoenix.  We traveled to Nothing, Lake Pleasant, and an old creepy cemetery.  My husband’s business is doing well and ended the year on a good note. We also ended the year with another dog, Max.   He is a one-year-old American Cocker.  We just love our little addition.  Along with Max, we also got a roommate, my Mother.  She sold her house at the end of December, and is currently staying in our guest room.  My husband and I are adding a guest space for her.  We are having them use the third bathroom at the other end of the house for her and adding the bedroom, kitchen and living space from the bathroom.  The bathroom with get remodeled to fit her needs with a walk-in closet.  She can’t wait for her tiny space to be built.  She can maintain her independence and be close enough for us to help her if she needs it.

Like other years, I also experienced losses.  It seemed like in 2015 I sent out lots of condolences to friends and family for their losses.  My Mom had to put her sweet Mini down.  She was about 15 years old, blind, deaf, and sickly.  She was a sweet dog.  My cousins lost their Mother along with several of my friends.  Grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, and fur babies were lost by many last year.  My sister-in-law Donna was only 65 years old when she just recently passed.  That was especially hard on my Mother and her sons.

I am making changes in 2016.  I will be taking more road trips with the gals and family.  Some of the road trips will be back to wine country, Four Corners with Sharon, and back to the small mining towns.  My family is taking a weeklong trip to Hawaii.  I am so excited for that trip.  I am hoping to finally visit Oregon and my cousins who live there.  Along with the trips, I am making some changes on my blogs and shops.  I will be writing several short travel books I have titled, “Girlfriends Guide to Getaways”.  I take many trips with the girls and have written each down.  I want to provide my experience along with tips, places to shop, eat, and stay at each location.  These trips are not just for the ladies.  You can use these books as guides for trips with family, friends, or your partners.  I am opening up Etsy and CafePress shops that will have items for sell that will go along with the books.  As soon as they are open, I will let you know.  Also, my publisher asked me to write a book about Arizona crimes.  I sent her the outline for the book and we shall see if they are interested.  So far, 2016 is looking promising and I am looking forward to all the escapades ahead.


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