PA: Barns, Shops and Pittsburg

Barns, Shops, and Pittsburg

This day started with Sharon telling all about her active night.  Before leaving Gettysburg, I had to walk around the Federal Point Inn and take pictures of this astounding structure.  Every part of the building and grounds were worth taking a photo of.  It was just marvelous.  On the way out of town, we stopped to take more pictures of the battlegrounds and some of a cemetery nearby.

About 6 miles west of Gettysburg on Route 30, we saw an amazing display of statues in front of a large shop.  The Bigfoot ones caught our eyes and we knew we had to check this place out.  On the outside, the yard of statues goes on as far as the eye can see.  The variety of cement sculptures are endless, with anything you can imagine or even want, sitting on the lot for sale.  Inside the Desert Flower Wholesale Shop you will find a remarkable array of eclectic, unusual, to even horror themed items.  This surprising wholesale shop is worth a visit if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Along Route 30 heading towards Pittsburg, we saw many abandoned structures.  Most were too far off the highway, and we didn’t see any roads to those places.  We did manage to stop and photograph a white farm-type building with vines growing in and out of the windows and walls.  After driving for awhile, we finally saw Pittsburg coming towards us.

We had to drive on several of the highways, through tunnels, and the city to arrive at our hotel.  It was the last hotel we would be staying at for this trip.  After getting settled, Sharon called her friend, Eric, and came by the hotel to meet us and visit.  For the most part, in the evening we went to dinner and then settled down for the night.  We both had posts to do for our blogs to write, and download pictures to our computers.


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