PA: Night of the Living Dead and Bigfoot-Platypus

Night of the Living Dead and Bigfoot-platypus

Since we had an entire day to do whatever before our dinner plans with John, we decided to drive to the Evans City Cemetery.  This cemetery is where the opening scene of the “Night of the Living Dead” was shot.

The drive was a couple of hours long from the hotel, but we didn’t mind.  It was drizzling with spots of rain and the weather was cool.  We spotted the sign for the cemetery which lead us up a small dark road.  It started sprinkling again, but we didn’t care.  While taking tons of photos around the cemetery, we were on the hunt for the headstone of “Nicholas Kramer”.  This was the very headstone Barbara was clinging to while her brother was being killed by a zombie in the movie, “Night of the Living Dead”.  We wanted to re-create the look she had while watching the undead man make a meal of her brother.

We walked down every path and road running through the cemetery, but we could not find Nicholas’ headstone.  The weather was cold and wet, but we pressed on.  When we were just about to give up, Sharon noticed one path we missed.  Wouldn’t you know it, there was the infamous headstone.  We took several pictures trying to imitate Barbara.  It was a beautiful cemetery and day to be wandering among the dead.

The trip back to our hotel had us driving through gorgeous scenery and quaint little towns.  While waiting at a stop light in one of those towns, an eerie siren went off as if it was warning us of impending doom.  We appeared to be the only ones freaking out while the noise was blasting throughout the streets.  The entire town’s folks were just going about their everyday activities as if nothing was happening.  We felt as if we entered the Twilight Zone and the weirdness was normal for them, but bizarre for us.  After a few minutes, the siren stopped and we were back on the road to our hotel room.

For dinner, we met up with another web friend, John.  John was a colorful person and totally amused us with his stories.  He apparently has puppy spiders that greet him when he gets home, and in his backyard, under his shed, lives Bigfoot-platypus.  Of course, Sharon and I thought his stories would make a wonderful children’s book.  Having dinner with John was the cherry on top of a fantastic trip.


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