PA to PHX: Outlet Barn, Last Day and Flying Home

Outlet Barn, Last Day and Flying Home

Since our hotel was near the airport and our flight was in the afternoon, we decided to urban explore and shop after checking out.  We took some back roads towards the airport, and came across a couple of empty structures.  We stopped to take pictures and enjoyed the cool weather knowing that we were heading back to over 100 degree unbearable heat.

Just outside Pittsburgh and on a side road near the highway, sits an old barn full of remarkable and exclusive items.  When we first drove past it, we thought it was an abandoned barn.  We stopped to take pictures and to our surprise it was a store with many objects to decorate the inside and outside of your house.  Among the decorative collection of extraordinary entities, we found jewelry, statues, furniture, and things to adorn the ceiling in anybody’s place.  We found all the items just as fascinating as the building itself.  I took many pictures to add to my vacation memoirs.  This was the last place we went to before flying back to Phoenix.

Dropping off the car and getting through the Pittsburg airport was quite easy.  We were glad it wasn’t a huge airport like some of the others we have been in.  The first class accommodations were not as nice on the flight home as it was on the flight to Atlanta.  We were just happy to be getting home with lots of great memories of our trip to West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 


  1. I loved that barn shop - it had the best energy. What a dream to work there and own that.


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