Virginia: Bunnyman, Clifton and Inside Aspen Grove

Bunnyman, Clifton, and Inside Aspen Grove

This was the day I was finally going to see Aspen Grove.  Sharon grew up in this house and I heard so many stories of ghosts and adventures.  We stopped at the Fairfax Cemetery first to take photos of interesting headstones.  The cemetery was gorgeous and we took lots of great pictures.  And then it was off to Aspen Grove.  Sharon has posted lots of wonderful stories of this place on her blog, Ghost Hunting Theories.  (Check them out.)  Since the owner wasn’t home at this time, we just drove around and checked out the grounds.  The place was beautiful with well-manicured lawns.  In the front and back of the property were townhouses.  Those didn’t exist when Sharon lived there.  After wandering around the property, we drove around the nearby neighborhoods and schools.  I got to see the elementary school she went to.  Since we had an appointment with the owner to see the inside of the house at 4:00 pm, we decided to do some urban exploring, check out the town of Clifton, and see the infamous Bunnyman Bridge.

On the narrow road before seeing the Bunnyman Bridge, we stopped to take pictures of a couple abandoned houses along the way.  Then we saw it, the bridge with a narrow tunnel and road under it, which only one car at a time can travel on.  There are several stories of the Bunnyman and they are all scary.  Sharon said the she and many others were terrified that the Bunnyman was going to get them.  We also heard stories that the bridge and tunnel are haunted.  We didn’t see anything weird, but had to travel through the tunnel under the bridge to see what was on the other side.  It was very cool.

We traveled the back roads to the town of Clifton.  Sharon remembers going to this town on many occasions.  Clifton reminded us of Mayberry and had no street lights.  We parked along the street and went to the Little Villagio Pizzaria d Mercato for lunch.  We each had a salad and I tried their yummy tea.  We walked around the small main drag and went inside the general store.  We both loved this little town.  It had a good vibe to it.

On the way back to Aspen Grove to meet up with the owner, we stopped at Lake Burke.  It was a sweet pint-sized lake with striking views we just had to photograph.  Now it was off to Aspen Grove.  We didn’t have to wait long before the owner showed up.  She brought us inside, we chatted in the kitchen while Sharon reminisced.  We were able to wander around on our own.  Sharon explained what each room was like when she lived there.  We started on the main floor, then upstairs, and finally in the basement.  She felt her Dad’s spirit very strong down there.  The place was incredible and I was so happy to be there with Sharon when she got to go home.

That evening we met up with old friends of Sharon’s at Brion’s Grille.  I enjoyed meeting each and every one.  After dinner, it was back to the hotel to wind down from this busy day.


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