Virginia: Cemeteries, Museums and Crab House

Cemeteries, Museums and Crab House

This was our last day in Fairfax and Sharon wanted to see Aspen Grove one more time.  We started the day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and cemetery.  There were many old graves around the grounds.  The Grotto was hit by lightning and is still standing.  After leaving there and before Aspen Grove, we had breakfast at Bakery Bread & Grill.  I just love it when we find these small and delightful places.

Since we were not able to get inside the house on this day, we did ask the owner if we could wander around the grounds, and she was just fine with that.  We walked around the entire property and Sharon shared many stories of the fun times she had there.  We took tons of photos of the gardens, house and the townhouses in the back.  Even a deer ran in front of us to get his picture taken as well.  He didn’t want to be left out.  One of the townhouses was for sale so we couldn’t resist going inside.  We pretended we were looking to buy for Sharon’s sister.  Aspen Grove was astonishing and an ideal place to raise a family.

It was bittersweet for Sharon leaving her childhood home.  The owner suggested checking out the Fairfax Museum and Visitors Center.  They had a section decade to Aspen Grove with photos, history and artifacts.  It was an awesome museum.  The gal running the gift shop was excited to hear the ghost stories from the house and property.  She grew up wondering if the place was haunted.

That evening we had dinner at Captain Peel’s Crab House.  Of course the electricity was off and it was lit up by candlelight.  Things like this happen to us often, but we always make the best of it.  It was a bit hot, but we didn’t care.  Eventually the air and lights came back on.  We decided to try out their crab cakes.  They were mouth-watering good!


  1. I cannot think of anyone I'd rather share that trip back home with than you. You are the dream traveling companion and photographer/archivist of events.


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