Virginia: Jellystone Park, Little England and Gloucester Beach

Jellystone Park, Little England and Gloucester Beach

We decided to try Hardee’s for breakfast before heading out this day.  The first thing we wanted to do was to go back to the suicide/ghost/witch house to see if Bigfoot is still there.  We found out that not only was a murder and suicide conducted inside the house, but apparently there were witch rituals preformed as well.  Magic and spells were done in this haunted house.  Nothing exciting happened on this visit.

Afterwards, we headed out to try and find the mansion known as “Little England”.  My three-time great-grandfather once owned it so I was curious to see a bit of my family history.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get passed the front gate and the house was not visible.  I did take what pictures I could of the grounds from the gate.  Disappointed but happy to see where it was located, we decided to hit a beach.  We found that Gloucester Point Beach Park wasn’t far away.

While driving out of the neighborhood where Little England was located, we got lost.  This was not the first time in Virginia we got lost and found a nice surprise awaiting for us.  This time we ended up at Jellystone Park where Yogi and Booboo live.  The Yogi Bear’s Camp and Resort is a vacation spot in Virginia where you can book a room at the resort, or camp in tents or RV’s.  There is a large lake for boating and fishing.  It looked like a fun place to go for a family vacation.

After our visit to Jellystone Park, we made our way to the beach.  Gloucester Beach was nice but very crowded.  We decided to walk on the pier where many were fishing.  At the end of the pier, I took numerous pictures of the ships and boats on the water.  And then, there it was….. Little England.  The house was so clear from the beach, but a little far out in the bay.  I put on the highest zoom on my camera and was able to get several pictures.  I was so happy to finally see the house in person that I have seen many times on my computer.

After the beach, we decided for dinner we would pick up something and eat in our room.  We found a Ruby Tuesday close by and order their TueGo ribs and veggies.  We bought Champagne to wash down our delicious meal.


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