Virginia: Rosewell Ruins, Deadrise Charters and the Lighthouse

Rosewell Ruins, Deadrise Charters and the Lighthouse

I was so glad that I looked up Rosewell Plantation Ruins.  I found out that we can visit the skeletal remains of the mansion.  We picked this day to see Rosewell and I am so glad we did.  The remains are haunting and gorgeous.  I took pictures at every angle and close-up shots of interesting features.  There was a gravesite near the structure with a marker.  The lingering walls and chimneys were poignant and made my visit memorable.

After visiting Rosewell, we went to Haven Beach.  We liked this beach because it was small and not-so crowded.  We lay on towels on the sandy beach and swam in the bay.  We relaxed and enjoyed the quietness of the beach.

Our next adventure was to take a boat cruise out to the Newpoint Comfort Lighthouse.  The boat, Mathews Deadrise Charters, was docked at The Inn at Tabbs Creek (B&B).  We met up with our captain, Trey, who was a wonder host pointing out historic sites and buildings while traveling through the bay.  It took about an hour to get out to the lighthouse, but we didn’t mind.  We could see it from the distance getting closer and closer.  Finally, we arrived at the historic lighthouse.  Trey moved the boat as close as he could get, but in some areas it was only three feet.  All of a sudden, dolphins started jumping out of the water and entertaining us.  The entire cruise was magnificent and Trey was a superb captain.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Olivia’s in the Village for dinner.  This was an amazing day.


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