Virginia: Flight, Dulles and Donuts

Since it is spring and summer is just right around the corner, I thought I would share my journal entry of mine and Sharon's Virginia trip we took in 2014.  On that trip, Sharon got to visit both the house and vacation home she grew up in.  I was glad to be able to see both places.  We also found an old family home that my 3 times great-grandfather once owned, do some ghost hunting, photograph amazing ruins, have an encounter with Bigfoot, swim in Chesapeake Bay, and take a boat cruise to an old lighthouse.  I documented this trip in a journal and will share each day in separate posts.  

Flight, Dulles and Donuts

The first day of our trip to Virginia started out with a wee bit of drama.  It appeared that Sharon’s luggage was a bit over the 50 pound limit.  We had to transfer some of her stuff to my luggage which was under the weight limit.  After that, we went through security and their “wonderful” (sarcasm of course) x-ray machine.  Feeling a bit violated, we found our gate and got ready for the four hour flight from Phoenix to Dulles in Washington DC.

Since we didn’t indulge by flying first class on this trip, we were hungry by the time we got to Dulles.  The nuts they offered just didn’t do the trick.  After disembarking, the first place we saw was a Dunkin Donuts.  We had to have a bite to eat and ice coffee before retrieving our luggage.  I will tell you, that coffee was just what we needed.

After getting our luggage, we found the rental car and then tried to find our way out of the airport.  Sharon did most of the driving on this trip because it was her neck of the woods where she grew up.  From Dulles, we headed towards Fairfax, VA for the first leg of our journey.

Next to the hotel we were staying at was the Arigato Japanese Restaurant where we had dinner.  It was actually past lunch time in Virginia, but for us, it was dinner time.   The food and drinks were delicious.  Before going to our room, we hit the 7 Eleven next door for drinks and snacks.  The first day of our Virginia trip was nearing an end, so we just relaxed and downloaded photos.


  1. I am nostalgic for that trip too. It was just amazing!


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