Virginia: Surprise, Motor Court and Trains

Surprise, Motor Court and Trains

We made this trip to Front Royal to see this fantastic small town and to surprise a friend for his birthday.  After a quick bite for breakfast, we used our map to find our friends’ house.  It was very woodsy with narrow roads.  We finally found the house and parked the car out of site.  Sharon had her video camera on and I had my camera ready to shoot his surprise.  We knocked on the door and after a couple of knocks, he answered the door.  Surprise!!  He was totally shocked to see us there.  He knew we were in Virginia, but we made up some lame excuse on why we couldn’t stop by to see him.   Our visit was fun and it was nice seeing them in person.  We talked for a few hours and decided to get out and walk around Front Royal.

Before hitting Front Royal, we stopped to check out an abandoned motor court.  They knew we loved photographing abandoned places and this one was amazing.  The General Lee's Motor Court is located in Linden and once was an active motel off the highway.  We wander through the several rooms and had to be careful because of all the debris lying on the floor.  As you can imagine, we took lots of pictures.  Next to the motel was the owner/manager’s house.  It was mind-boggling on how fantastic this two-story structure was to photograph.  We couldn’t get up to the second floor because the stairs looked unsafe.  We were so happy the boys took us to this ideal place to photograph.

After spending time at the motor court, we went to Front Royal and walked around the historic district.  We took goofy pictures on the train in the park and had something to eat at the Daily Grind.  Before we parted ways with the boys, we made plans to meet them the next day for breakfast at the Apple House.


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