My Office/Craft Room is Finally Done!

I finally got the last two pieces of furniture that completed the look of my office/craft room.  I am very happy with the antique/vintage look of the place.  It reflects who I am.

Both desks came from American Furniture Warehouse in their vintage department.  They completed the look of my room.

This desk also came from AFW in their vintage department.  Some of the things around or under it came from either an antique mall or Hobby Lobby.

Both the hutch and shelf came from an antique mall.

The sewing machine was purchased at an antique store.  I had the two crates for a long time.

This blue desk was found at an antique mall.  I use it to do crafts and painting on.


  1. Looks awesome! The furniture goes great with the floor & walls. I'm quite jealous!


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