Changes Are Afoot

I have been making changes in my Etsy shop. I am focusing on making it better. I am selling keepsakes, which is a wide variety of things. This makes me happy since I like creating an array of items and they will work perfectly in my shop. In my shop you will find jewelry, keychains, journals, signs, keepsake boxes, picture frames and bottles. Some of the items you will not find yet, but I am working on it. I may even sell some of my vintage/antique items that I have and are ready to part with. Also, I have dropped my prices for the mementos that are already for sale in the shop.
Check the shop out:

I also rearranged my craft/office room. I am now looking out the window from my computer desk at my beautiful backyard. I took the small table that I was using for crafts and put it in another location in the room. The large table I bought to originally do my artwork on, I am finally using it.

This blog has also undergone a change. I always like to change and refresh the look. Blogger had more templates, so I decided to try one. I am also back on Twitter. I thought is would be another good place to advertise my blog and Etsy shop.


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