Paint By Numbers Addicted

Hi, I am Julie and I am a paint by numbers addict. My daughter sent me on this path by giving me a duplicate painting she sent away for. There were many odd shapes, different sizes with a number inside each. In the package you get a canvas with the unpainted picture on it, a paper with the same picture and numbers just in case you paint over a number or can't read it, paints with numbers on them, a small photo of the finished picture, and three different size brushes. I would suggest a magnetifying glass to read the tiny numbers.

I decided to start in the upper right corner because being left-handed it was easier. I would do a number at a time until that area was completed. The paint dries quickly which makes it easy to continue without getting paint on yourself. The cool thing is that these numbered shapes start to become an object or person with each stroke of the brush. I love seeing how it evolves. I have done a few so far and don't see an end in sight. It is relaxing and fun to do these paint by numbers.

This was my first one. It had lots of tiny shapes. I love how it turned out.

This one my granddaughter wanted so I mounted it on a frame for her wall.

This one will be my next. I love the cabin in the woods picture. Wish I was there.


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