Photography: My Back Yard

Well, it is 2019 and I start this year with photos from my backyard. It is winter in Phoenix AZ which for us is this best time of year for fabulous weather. Last winter we didn't have cold weather. It felt more like spring the entire time. I am not complaining, but it is nice to be able to bundle up. At least for this Phoenician it is cold.

Last month I went with my friends to the Riparian Water Ranch and took micro photos of many plants and cacti. I used my cell phone to take the photos. I love how clear they came out. I will be framing the better ones to sell in my Etsy shop. ( I wanted to see if my Canon was up to the task to take just as sharp photos and it did. I am happy that I will have two cameras to take on my trips that my friend and I are planning this year. Look for lots of pictures, stories and history of the many places we hit this year. The southwest is brimming with all kinds of places and things to see. I will continue to post about it.

Our tomato plants have gone wild!

Jalapenos are growing!

Our lettuce to blooming too!


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