Oosterdam: Inside

Since I just came back from an Alaskan Cruise, I am going away from the southwest for my next several posts and write about our cruise, also to share pictures. My husband and I flew from Phoenix AZ to Seattle WA on a 3 hour flight. Little turbulence flying up to Seattle, but lots more coming home.

After landing in Seattle, we had to find the bus terminal to get aboard for the 45 minute ride to the ship. This was our first trip to Seattle. It was rainy and a bit chilly. We were loving it because we just left 110 degree weather and it was dry. Finally the dock where the Holland America Line's Oosterdam (website link) was waiting for us and a couple thousand others. We had to show our passports when checking in because the last port was Victoria, British Columbia. We got a key card to open our room and to buy anything on the ship. The card was your credit card too so you didn't want to lose it. You had to show it anytime getting off and back on the ship.

Our room was small but had a balcony for relaxing and seeing the sights. As I always do, I took tons of pictures of the ship, inside and outside along with lots of scenery pictures. I will break those up into three posts otherwise it would be overwhelming.

I shall start with the inside of the ship and our room:


buffet dining


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