Hubbard Glacier

The next day we choose to take the Hubbard Glacier tour. We joined several others to take a boat out to see the glacier up close. Well as close as we were able to get without being in danger. Pieces of the glacier fall off and you don't want to get hit by tons of ice. We thought it was a good idea to stand outside while the boat cruised us near the glacier. It was so cold, but worth it. The Hubbard Glacier was simply breathtaking.

The Hubbard Glacier is located off the coast of Yakutat and about 200 miles northwest of Juneau.  It is huge! It is about 6 miles wide where it meets up with the ocean. It has a ocean blue color mixed in the ice. It was gorgeous. In the past 30 years it experienced two major surges threatening to flood Yakutat. Right now, it is sleeping and hopefully will stay that way. Pictures don't do it justice.

The Oosterdam as we were heading towards the glacier.


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