Creating a Bamboo Mirror

Sharon and I have see many small round mirrors with raffia, bamboo and jute decorating them. We just had to try this ourselves. Sharon found some place mats made of bamboo and bought some small round mirrors. We always like to give credit to the YouTube channels that inspired us to make these. Be sure to follow these talented DIYers: XOMaCennaKatia Nikolajew, and Justin Wray

We used a bamboo place mat for this project along with small round mirrors.

I decided to cut each bamboo stick in half but not even. We cut a piece of cardboard and traced the mirror in the middle. We made sure we had a half an inch to glue on the bamboo sticks.

We used a hot glue gun to attach the sticks.

We glued one after the other making sure they flared out at the ends.

This is how they looked finished. I decided to leave the uneven sticks. I like how it looks.

Next, I glued on the mirror with a strong glue. It was not E6000, but just as good.

Next, I unraveled the thick jute to make thinner pieces.

I started gluing on the jute in a circular pattern with hot glue.

This is the finished mirror. I love how it turned out.

I hung it over the guest bedroom mirror.
This is Sharon's finished mirror. She decided to keep the bamboo sticks long and it turned out amazing.

Sharon choose wood beads and shell to frame her mirror.

Sharon could not stop at just one mirror. She wanted a wall of mirrors. I love how she choose different materials to frame each mirror. It is definitely a project that is fun and easy to do.


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