From Glass to Ceramic Vases

I love it when I see a craft idea that is different with amazing results. Sharon and I love Justin Wray and the DIY Dollar Tree and thrift flip crafts he creates. It was his video on taking thrift store glass vases and turning them into boho chic ceramic looking creations. 
This is his video we got inspired by:

These are all the items you will need: spackling, dap, spray paint, glass vases and a comb.

You start with dap and smear it all over the vase. I got the kind that need the trigger, it wasn't easy to get out. Sharon had to cut the bottom off. The squeeze kind would be much easier like what Justin used.

Before it completely dries, take the comb and make horizontal lines circling around the vase. Do this from top to bottom.

They should look something like these.

After they dry, spray paint them. I used a heirloom white color but wished I choose a darker color.

Next, you apply the spackling. We were concerned that it was pink, but it did dry white.

Basically, with your fingers, you rub it on and fill in the gaps. 

This is how they look completely dried. A darker paint would have brought out the white spackle more, but none-the-less, I still love how they turned out. I will be doing this project again.

They ended up in my living room with beaded bracelets around the necks of the vases.


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