Tissue Tye-Dye

Sharon and I watch lots of how-to DIY YouTube videos. We saw one of our favorites, XO MaCenna tye-dye items with tissue paper so we had to try it. I bought tissue paper at the store but didn't pay attention when she said we needed bleeding tissue paper. (Next time I will get it right.) We did have some success, and I will show the pictures, but watch her video if you want to do it right. (https://youtu.be/hIfRmujCXjI)

We first soaked the items in water with some vinegar as well.

See how awesome they would have turned out if I bought the right tissue paper. This is before we peeled off the tissue. None of the colors stuck to the items except yellow. BTW, you have to use organic material. It will not stick to synthetic cloth. At least I got that right. 
Live and learn.


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