Wood Burning with a Pen

 I have always wanted to try wood burning but was intimidated by it. I was watching a YouTube video of a DIYer I like, Designed to the Nines. She introduced me to the wood burning pen. I was excited to try it so I ordered me one. She also showed me tips on how to use my cricut machine for which I appreciate it. 

Check out her YouTube channel if you want great DIY tips. She also gives great tips on making an expensive item for just pennies. Designed to the Nines

Check out our Groovy New Life blog. Sharon posts many amazing articles for not only baby boomers to enjoy, but for everyone as well. https://www.groovynewlife.com/

Using my cricut joy machine, I made the sun symbol for our Groovy New Life logo, and a Mopar one for the hubby. I stuck each vinyl cutout onto a small sample wood piece I got at Hobby Lobby. 

I colored in the letters and symbols with the wood burning pen.

I removed all vinyl and you can see the images left behind.

Using my heat gun at the low setting, I waved it over each piece until the image looked burnt on. I really like the effect it makes. When I do this for Etsy items, I will make sure I sand the wood first so the letters and images won't bleed.


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