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The Haunted History of the Copper Queen Hotel

This Saturday, February 20, 2010, Mike and I will be heading back to the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona. We are going with his two sisters and some friends. They have booked two rooms (don’t know which ones yet) and we are spending one night there. Last time we walked around Bisbee twice, once in the day and then after midnight and took many pictures. We spent an hour or two in the one of the rooms in complete darkness conducting an EVP session. We did experience a couple of coins falling off the dresser by some unseen force. We are not experts in ghost hunting, just love doing it. We also try not to disturb any of the other guests staying at the hotel. For the most part, we just have fun and see if we can get any paranormal evidence. I have researched the history and haunts of the Copper Queen Hotel and even added Ghost Hunters experience when they investigated the place. Brief History: Built in 1902, the classy hotel was built by a wealthy Copper Queen Mining Company. The