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Arizona Garden in December

This is how my garden looks in December 2020. We are able to plant in the fall here. While some plants take off even when it gets cold, others wait for warmer weather. We want our plants rooted well before the extreme hot summer weather. potatoes with carrots underneath green beans cherry tomatoes green onions romaine lettuce zucchini and cucumbers strawberries celery peppers and jalapenos  grapes tomatoes (eventually)

Riparian Water Preserve 2020

  Since this wonderful place is close to home, we had to go there to photograph this area. It was so good to get out of the house and walk through nature and the little critters that live there.

Rockhounding in the Desert

I live in Arizona and there are so many places to find gemstones. We have decided that since the weather is getting cooler and we have a jeep, we are going to explore this state and finds us some gems. Our first excursion was Saddle Mountain. We had to drive down a far and very bumpy dirt road, but the payoff was worth it. We found an area full of agates, especially fire agates.  We got home with lots of stones. We plan to polish some and sell them in our Etsy shop. I am learning how to wrap stones and will sell them in the shop as well.  The exciting thing is that I get to do this with my husband, best friend and her fiancĂ©.