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Southwest Foggy Morning

It isn't often that we wake up to fog in the Phoenix area. I was excited to see it and ran outside to take pictures around our house. I started in the backyard and then went out front. It was amazing to see, but glad I didn't have to drive in it.

Southwest Winter Garden

One of the things we are blessed with in Arizona, the Phoenix area, is our great winter weather. Last winter it pretty much stayed in the 70s as our high and 40s for our low for three to four months. That is perfect weather for spring, so we never really had a winter. This year our lows have dipped into the 20s, the highs in the low 60s, and lots of rain. For us Phoenicians, that is winter. The weather has not stopped our veggies and plants from growing like crazy. After thinking that all our tomato plants died out because of the very hot weather last summer, they came back this winter in droves. They seemed to reseed themselves and went crazy. Our jalapeno plant did not produce anything last year but is going crazy this year. We are very excited for the growth in our garden. My husband and I planted more seeds in the empty planters and hope we have luck with them as well. We know that they needed to be planted now in order to survive the harsh summer weather. We have learned lots fr…

CafePress: More Designs

I added more desert photos to items in my CafePress shop along with a cactus heart logo with different sayings. Check them out:

Old Cemetery and Cloudy Skies

I saw that our sky was cloudy today so I decided to hit an old cemetery near my house to take photos. I love the combination of the worn out headstones against the moody sky. I also like to look for cute statues to photograph.

CafePress: New Designs

I changed the designs, or rather photos, in my CafePress shop. The photos I added to the shop are desert themed. This goes along with the Desert Artistry title for the shop. The photos are on stationary, frames, pillows, rugs, blankets, wall art, cell phone covers, and even flip flops. I am currently working on desert logos to be put on even more items. As soon as I have them added to the shop, I will do a post on them. For now, check out my CafePress shop:

Photography: The Domes

It has been about 7 years since Sharon and I went to the Domes in Casa Grande, AZ. We did drive by in between 2012 and just recently, but people were hanging around so all I could get was a couple of outer pictures. When I first saw the Domes was in 2010. We were able to get inside to get pictures and really check out the site. At the time, there were three long "worm like" structures and one that resembled a flying saucer. The sound inside echoed every time we walked or talked inside each dome. The furthest dome showed most of the wear and tear. The roof had big chunks that had fallen to the ground. We were very cautious while inside that dome.

The second time we went was in 2012 and we brought our friend Vinnie. We were able to get inside again and take more photos. It was obvious that they were more damaged by the elements and people who partied inside. We stayed there for a while, took pictures and really check out the domes closely. Not long after that, the owner put t…