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Don't forget to check out my post on Sunday, April 1st, for the zombie housewives GIVEAWAY.

Bike Graveyard

Between Phoenix and Payson, along AZ State Route 87 (Beeline Highway), this huge graveyard of bikes can be found.  This mount of bikes of every type and other rusty vehicles can be found in every inch of this fenced-in space.  It caught our eyes and we just had to check it out. Don't forget to check out my post on Sunday, April 1st, for the zombie housewives GIVEAWAY.

Awesome Antiques

The Art & Antique Corral store in Payson caught our attention with its amazing display in front of the store.  What we didn't expect was all the unbelievable antiques, stones, and quirky Arizona items we found inside. The owner's dog was adorable.  She followed Sharon and I all over the store, and even out in the back where there was a couple old doors we wanted but had no room to put in Sharon's car.  I could have spent all day at this place and not seen everything.  It is a must see if you love antiques.  It sits along the highway coming into Payson from Phoenix. Our little watch dog.

Casting Shadows

One of the fun things we like to do is cast our shadows at sundown.  Here are some of my favorite shadow pictures. Main Street - Tombstone, AZ Schnepf Farms - Arizona Globe Jail - Globe, AZ abandoned house - Chandler, AZ abandoned farm - Stanfield, AZ

Inside the Ox Bow Inn

I did a post earlier about the history of the  Ox Bow Inn  and now I am posting more photos I took of the inside of this wonderful historic place.  I am also throwing in some outside photos too.  This was the place where the "Finding Bigfoot" town hall was held. The bar area is where the meeting was held. A tasty drink before the town hall meeting. The back of the Ox Bow. Stairs leading to the second floor which was being remodeled. The banquet hall. Hotel rooms in the back. (Not being used at the moment.) The oxen wore this to plow. The back where the rooms are located. Carved into the bar.

Grand Canyon Railway

One of the things I want to do is to jump aboard the Grand Canyon Railway to a historic ride to the Grand Canyon.  This Polar Express type experience offers four different packages which start in Williams, AZ, and travels to the Grand Canyon National Park.  Today, we can take the same route that generations before us traveled. In 1901, and when Arizona was just a territory, the Grand Canyon trains would take folks to the south rim of the canyon for a fun excursion.  The train offered a nice comfortable trip to the Grand Canyon for all men, women and children.  Some would choose to make it a day trip, while others decided to take a room at the lodge.  These people stood at the rim and were taken in by the extraordinary beauty of the canyon much like we do today. In 1968, the trains quit traveling to the Grand Canyon when automobiles became trendy.  People were opting to drive themselves to the park instead of spending the money on the train ride.  In 1989, a group of bus