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Ghost Hunting Theories: EVP Session with John Wolfe of Season of Shadows

Ghost Hunting Theories: EVP Session with John Wolfe of Season of Shadows: Many of us in the blogger world miss our beloved Halloween Blogger, John Wolfe. He ran the blog "Season of Shadows" for years, sharing his...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AZ Haunted Hotels: Phoenix, Prescott and Tombstone

Hotel San Carlos Inn (Phoenix)
Construction was done by 1927 on the Hotel San Carlos in downtown Phoenix.  It had the look and feel of an Italian Renaissance place and was the hip place to stay at the times in all of the Southwest.  Each room on of this seven-story hotel was equipped with air-conditioning which was a rare thing in that era.  Many high society people, celebrities, and politicians stayed in the luxurious rooms.  The hotel was built where an elementary school once stood.  Guests and employees have reported seeing young boys running around the halls, playing in the rooms, and in the basement.  The story is told that some of those boys may have falling to their deaths in the well which sits in the basement of the hotel.  Another ghost seen by many is that of Leone Jensen who in 1928 died after jumping off the roof.  A white, ghostly female shaped figure has been seen in the stairwell and halls.  This spirit is often accompanied by a creepy moaning.

Hotel Vendome (Prescott)
Built in 1917 by J.B. Jones in the historic downtown district of Prescott, Arizona stands a 2 story bed and breakfast, the Hotel Vendome. The place has an old-world look and feel to it, but is equipped with many modern amenities. Built originally as a residential home, the dark red brick structure has 16 rooms and all are decorated with an old-fashion flare. In the front of the building is a huge porch and second story veranda where you can sit and rock the night away. The hotel was remodeled and restored in 1983, then put on the National Register of Historic Places.

The hotel had many owners throughout the years, but none as well known as Abby Byr. Abby moved to Prescott to seek treatment for Consumption. While there she met Mr. Byr and fell in love. They soon were married and in 1921 bought the Hotel Vendome. They ran the hotel until the unpaid taxes forced them to sell. The new owners were kind people and allowed the Byrs to stay in room 16 located on the second floor. Abby and her husband continued to manage the hotel for them.

One evening, Mr. Byr headed out to get medication for Abby and never returned. No one is sure if he met with foul play or he just abandoned her. Whatever the story was, Abby was heartbroken and refused to eat. After a few days, Abby and her cat Noble both died of starvation in room 16.

There have been many stories told of ghost roaming around the Hotel Vendome, but room 16 has the most activity. They say that Abby and her cat Noble still sit in the room waiting for her husband to return. Many who stay in that room will bring her and the kitty a gift. There have been reports of those objects moving after being placed in the room.

Hassyampa Inn (Prescott)
The Hassyampa Inn opened its door in 1927 and became one of Prescott's finest hotels.  The hotel was besieged with ghost stories from the moment it started excepting guests.  A young couple on their honeymoon was one of the first guests and stayed in the balcony suite.  The groom mysteriously disappear when he left to buy a pack of cigarettes.  His bride waited for three days for him to returned and became depressed and feeling jilted   She strung a rope on the bell tower and hung herself.  Many have reported seeing her ghost, known as Faith, still waiting for her husband, sitting on the end of the bed in the room they stayed in, holding flowers while crying.  Sometimes, guests and employees have seen her floating in the hallways in a pink gown.  Witnesses say she seems to like to play pranks by shutting off the gas burners in the kitchen, spilling coffee, and moving bed sheets.  A child is also seen at the hotel and a ball can be heard bouncing in several areas.

Buford House Bed & Breakfast (Tombstone)
This B&B is an adobe building and constructed in 1880 by George Buford, a mine owner.  Before becoming a B&B it once housed two sheriffs, a mayor, a state senator, and also John Wayne.  Today, there are reports of ghosts such as that of a young man who committed suicide after being rejected.  The owners have seen him inside the house and believe he is the one ringing their doorbell late at night.  Guests have claimed to hear knocking on the walls, faucets turning themselves on and off, and unexplained lights in the rooms.  Women have told stories of having their hair pulled or stroke the back of their necks.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

AZ Haunted Hotels: Jerome and Oatman

Connor Hotel (Jerome)
In 1898, David Connor built a lavish 20 room hotel which offered weary travelers and other visitors a warm place to spend a night or two.  The first floor of the hotel had a saloon, card rooms, and billiards.  Bad luck followed with the hotel burning down not once, but twice.  It was reconstructed each time, boasting a grand reputation and always having each room booked.  In 1931, the Jerome mines were struck with tragic incidences such as fires, floods and the mines drying up.  When the mines shut down, the Connor hotel was hit hard and had to close its doors.  During the 1960s and 1970s, the hotel was revived but not as lavish as it once was.  But by the 1980s it had to close once again stating safety violations.  It would be about 20 years before it would get the well needed renovations it so desperately needed.  With all the noise and changes, many reported strange, ghostly activities at the Connor Hotel.  In room 1 there are claims of whispering and a women laughing; in room 2, objects seem to move on their own, while in room 4 a ghost dog's growl can be heard through the door.  Other strange claims are of sudden drop in temperature, a coffee pot turning itself off, batteries being drained in different devices, and a shadow figure.

Mile High Inn (Jerome)
It was built in 1899 and was first known as the Clinksdale Building.  This building had many different purposes throughout the years, and was once a bordello.  This sweet little inn has eight rooms and apparently some ghostly guests.  Some of the reports are of a ghost cat who wanders the halls and like to leaves its footprints on the beds.  A woman's apparitions has been seen in some of the rooms.  Some think it is a former bordello Madam Jennie Banter.  A cantankerous old man's ghost has been seen along with reports of locked doors opening on their own, furniture moving around on its own, utensils moving from one place to another in the dining room, cold spots, and many more unexplained activity.

Jerome Grand Hotel (Jerome)
When the Jerome Grand Hotel was first built as a hospital in 1926.  United Verde Hospital was equipped with all the most up-to-date and well equipped hospital in Arizona.  When the mines started to dry up, the hospital was forced to close its doors by 1950.  For over 44 years the structure stood abandoned until it was bought, renovated and became the Jerome Grand Hotel.  The reports of paranormal activity started after the hotel opened its doors to the public in 1997.  Witnesses feel the patients who died when the building was a hospital might still be hanging around.  They report hearing heavy breathing and coughing coming from empty rooms.  Two female ghosts have been seen wandering the halls. One of them is dressed in white and holding a clipboard, and the other resembles a woman who died at childbirth.  Other claims is that of a child ghost running around in the bar, disembodied screaming, doors opening and closing by themselves, and unseen footsteps in empty hallways.

Ghost City Inn (Jerome)
Constructed sometime in the 1890s, this building has been a boarding house, funeral home, art gallery, a religious retreat, and finally the Ghost City Inn.  Today the inn has many reports of ghostly activity.  In the Cleopatra Hill a woman's apparition has been seen, a male spirit has been reported in the Verde View room, doors shutting on their own, and disembodied voices.

Oatman Hotel (Oatman)
The Oatman Hotel is famous for many things from who used to lay their hats there to the claims of ghosts roaming around the building.  The hotel was built in 1902 and is the oldest two-story adobe structure in town and all of Mohave County.  Many miners, politicians, lawmen, outlaws, and movie stars stayed in the lavish rooms.  After being married in Kingman on March 18, 1939, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard honeymooned at the Oatman Hotel. The remoteness of the place was one of the reasons Gable kept coming back to the hotel.  He also enjoyed playing poker with the miners.  Today, visitors and staff have heard laughing and whispering coming from the unoccupied room the two stayed in.  One claim is when a photographer took a picture of the empty room, an apparition of a man appeared in one of the photos.  Other ghost seen in the hotel is that of an Irish miner named William Ray Flour.  The story is told that his entire family died on the way to American and he was so upset that he began drinking heavily.  He ended up drinking himself to death, died behind the hotel, and his body was found two days later.  The staff just buried him in a shallow grave right where he died.  His ghost has been seen in his old room and the hotel staff has named him “Oatie”.  Oatie likes to play pranks such as opening windows and pulling off sheets in his old room.  People have reported hearing a bagpipe sound coming from his former room as well as feeling a cold spot with it is very hot outside.

The hotel seems to have lots of other playful spirits in many of its rooms.  The bar had reports of money being lifted off the bar as well as glasses floating in air.  Witness have claims of lights turning on and off by themselves, the sounds of creepy disembodied voices, toilets flushing in empty bathrooms, and footprints which appear on recently cleaned floors.  The Oatman Hotel no longer takes in guests but still serves as a museum, restaurant, gift shop, and much more.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Schnepf's Farm Festivities

Sharon and I went to the annual Chili and Pumpkin Fest at Schnepf's Farm, Queen Creek, AZ.

Sunflowers blooming everywhere.

Me and my pumpkins.

Corn Maze

My tribute to zombies everywhere.

Sharon's tribute to Bigfoot.

The pumpkin patch.

The corn maze at night..... scary and dark!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie Housewives of the 1960s Now on Kindle

Our Zombie Housewives of the 1960s is now available on Kindle.  You can download this fun zombie book to your Kindle, pads, phones and PCs.  So join in Blossom and Colleen on what their lives are like as zombie housewives in the 1960s.

Kindle link: Zombie Housewives of the 1960s

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back to Schnepf's Farm

This weekend, Sharon and I are going back to Schnepf's Farm.  We are excited to taste their delicious chili, join in on all the festivities, and run around in the creepy corn maze.  As always, I will have a post or two about our trip there.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blossom, the Hippie Zombie

(Exert from the Zombie Housewives of the 1960's book.)
"My parents named me Barbara, an old family name. It wasn't even a relative my mother liked. My family was your typical upper middle class Republican types. My dad was a successful sell-out corporate defense lawyer and Mom had been his secretary-turned-wife. Can it get anymore classic than that?  I was the first born and it was pretty clear that Dad wanted a son and when my baby sister Colleen came along; he turned his attention back to his martini and let Mom speak for him.

didn't see any clear advantages to being a housewife though both my parents urged me to go to college and find a nice man to marry. My mother didn't seem all that happy with her position as breeder, cleaner, and cook. In fact, I could tell she was frustrated by the way she would wallpaper and redecorate the rooms all the time, constantly fuss over Julia Child’s recipes, and generally be a Nazi about appearances.

didn't go to college. Instead, I had a series of odd jobs that confused them and angered my mother since none of them involved me meeting marriageable men. I went from dishwasher to weekend clown at kid’s parties, then on to tarot card reader and topless dancer.

My parents died when I was 26.  It was kind of liberating. I realized that, without their expectations for my future, I could make it anything I want and not have to listen to the constant comparisons with their friends’ children who were caving in to the capitalistic suburban sell out. 
Then, I found my people; a loving group who questioned the system, the rules and morals of our parents’ generation. We wanted peace, love, and unity, not mortgages, corporate jobs and miserable marriages.

I did a little experimentation, but eventually it led me to the realization that I am a part of a bigger movement; a movement for freedom and rights, community and artistic expression.

I renamed myself Blossom. It’s the name I should have had from birth because I am always unfolding, beautiful just as I am. I am a bloom that represents the new life for my generation."

As a zombie, Blossom turned her energy on "equality for zombies" and "zombie rights".  She lives in a zommune with not one but two zombie men, Billy and Jack.  Both men were in the military and left to fight in Vietnam as young humans.  Forced to be a part of a "superior fighting force" by becoming zombies, they were treated like "killer ghouls" when they returned back home.

To read more about Blossom and her sister Colleen, check out the latest zombie housewives book, Zombie Housewives of the 1960s.  See what the 60s would have been like from a zombie's point of view.
Zombie Housewives of the 1960s (color copy)
Zombie Housewives of the 1960s (black and white copy)

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The Talented Tom Deadstuff

One of the things I love is meeting talented artists.  This past weekend at FearCon Sharon and I passed by a booth with unusual and unique art.  We met the charming artist Tom Deadstuff who was enthusiastic about his work and couldn't wait to talk about it.  All of his pieces were created from recycled, refurbished items he found in the desert.  Using very few materials, he creates one-of-a-kind 3D wall hangings.  Some are dark, funny, whimsical, eerie, and just plain amazing.  Check out his Facebook page and become a friend of Tom's.

Monday, October 15, 2012

FearCon 2012

Sharon and I had a great time at the 2012 FearCon in Scottsdale, AZ.  We mingled with many talented artists, film people, and tons of zombies.  Stella and Liz (me and Sharon) were part of a zombie fashion show and were a hit with the spectators.  They wore their pink and black bowling shirts, and carried their bowling bags along with a bowling ball which was a severed head.  Stella threw her ball and got a strike while Liz tossed hers in the audience.  We had a great time.

Stella and Liz with some of the critters.

Some of the zombies who were there...