Monday, August 14, 2017

For Sale: Clown Motel

This scary clown infused motel is located in Tonopah, Nevada and is for sale.  For $900,000 you can own The Clown Motel which is known as the "scariest in America".  This place is what nightmares are made of especially if you are terrified of clowns.  For about 22 years, people would stay at this motel with its endless amount of clowns lining the walls and ceilings of the lobby and rooms.  To make things even scarier, the motel sits near an old miner's cemetery.  If you want to continue the clown tradition, you can purchase the motel and all of its clowns.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Strawberry and Pine Arizona

My husband and I are looking for a house/cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona to have a vacation spot cooler than the valley, and in the woods.  We explored a couple of small towns that are about 15 miles southeast of Payson.  We liked both and they did have houses for sale.  We are not ready to buy, just exploring to see where we would like to vacation and eventually live fulltime.  We are still looking and will report on more small AZ towns hiding in the White Mountains.
Strawberry has a little over 900 people living there, and is considered a self-governing community.  Located in the northwest corner of Gila County, it began as a place where many Native Americans lived such as the Tonto Apaches and Yavapai people.  Throughout the 1860s soldiers intensified their presence in Strawberry pushing the tribes to move elsewhere.  By 1875, Mormons settled in the tiny community and named it “Strawberry” because of all the wild strawberries that grew in the area.  Some came to the region because of the gold, loved the town and stayed.  Besides the gold, there was a huge whiskey still north of Strawberry in Sandrock Canyon.  The Feds got wind of it and abolished over 700 gallons of “mountain whiskey” with a worth of $20,000.  They were able to arrest three men for running the still.

The Strawberry Schoolhouse was built in 1885 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Pine is a bigger community but is also unincorporated.  Around 2,000 souls call Pine home and is right below the Mogollon Rim, 15 miles from Payson, and only a couple miles from Strawberry.  The town was founded by four Mormon families in 1879.  Both Pine and Strawberry are growing communities and ideal places where folks like to vacation and retire.  We have this tiny town on our "Possible Places to Live" list.