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Our New Garden

I saved the seed packs to label where each veggie is located. Tilly is checking things out. Post by Julie When my husband and I moved to a smaller house and yard, we wanted a veggie garden but didn’t know where to put it. Our last garden was huge with 4 large planter boxes built by our friend Steve. We didn’t have the space for such an elaborate garden, so we had to come up with a different plan. Sharon had used planter boxes for her apartment’s patio garden and they worked well for her. I found three on Amazon ( ) that were just perfect. After getting the potting soil, we bought plants and planted seeds. This area of our garden gets a fair amount of sun without total exposure. We are not sure how things will be in summer with that strong sun, but we will play it by ear. If I have to move things around for better contact with the sun, I will do so. I will post our garden again in a month t

Crafts: Bottle and Clay Art

Sharon and I like watching YouTube videos, especially ones with craft ideas. We saw one where the woman took bottles, added air drying clay and painted them at the end. We just had to try this since we both love playing with clay and painting. We each choose three different bottles and added a different theme on each bottle. The lady on the video used abstract designs, but Sharon and I wanted to do things our way. It was fun, messy and a great way to spend a rainy day. We didn't expect the clay to crack in different places. It is a dry climate here, so we are going to dry the next ones slower and hope for no more cracks. Our next clay projects will be on different items we plan to buy at Goodwill. We will do videos and post those on our Groovy New Life blog and YouTube channel. Blog: YouTube: These are all the materials we used: bottles, air-dry clay, clay tools, tissue paper, mod podge