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Brain Damage Films

If you are looking for the finest, gruesome, and greatest assortment of independent horror films, check out the website of Brain Damage Films.  They have been distributing hundreds of terror and jaw-dropping movies since 2001.  You can get your fill of the many bloody, graphic, sexy, and creepy monsters that these low-budget flicks can offer.  They refer to their many fans as “Gorehounds” and say they are grateful for the many B movie choice found in Brain Damage Films catalog.  After checking out the many choices of horror movies on DVD from their website, head over to their blog to get another dose of horror for your entertainment.

A Writer, Musician and Production Firm

Corey Schubert (Screenwriter, Author) and Eijo Their blog, “Write, Maniacs, Write!” is where they “explore the writing process through a dark glass of personal observations, in-depth analyses, and other assorted shenanigans.”
Corey Schuber (the Schube) started his proficient writing career when he was 16 in a little town in Maryland.  At 19, he left for greener pastures to Florida where he spent time writing obituaries. After that, he finally got the opportunity to write for a foremost newspaper.  Some of his stories achieved nationwide awareness which aided Corey into being the prominent reporter on a couple huge murder stories and the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.  Corey's careers have been a public affairs editor for NASA-KSC, media liaison, and a media relations specialist, which is his current position.
Eijo started writing at the ripe ol’ age of eight and spent his childhood living in various places.  After college, he became a bit of …

Department of Zombie Defense

Their motto:  “If it’s dead… we’ll kill it!”
This exclusive group is devoted to the complete obliteration of the zombie infestation, and those undead who are a menace to all mankind.  They make it their mission to protect every individual by eradicating every undead creature and their makers.  Their instructions and guidance will aid you in being more cognizant and prepared in this every growing zombie menace.
They are always looking for new trainees who are driven, and have the endurance for expert preparation to be able to battle zombies.  Basically, as they put it, “If you have a heartbeat, you can be an Agent of the Department of Zombie Defense.”
Be sure to visit their website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to see how to join the group and to buy D.O.Z.D. products:

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AZ Paranormal Investigations & Ghost Outlet

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS) For several years, Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society has been exploring and inspecting the many paranormal claims around the state.  Their main function is ghostly enquiries, but they also have progressed into “a full service, professional paranormal organization”. Their studies have taken them to numerous haunted locations.  They make use of the most recent equipment to assist in their mission to communicate with the departed who may still be walking the halls of these locations.  After analyzing all their videos, recordings and photos, they will look for a logical answer to the mysterious happenings and debunk the encounters or have a compelling explanation for the paranormal activity. For 20 years, this group has performed with other groups in the New Jersey region, but has been the Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society since 2008.  They also do not charge for anyone who needs thei…

Crossing Over Paranormal Society & P.I.E. Equipment

Crossing Over Paranormal Society(COPS)
The C.O.P.S. Crew began in 2003 with a husband and wife duo, Jay and Marie Yates.  They investigated any places notorious for having ghostly activities around the state of Arizona.  The couple found themselves the subjects of a demonic haunting in their own house.  Shortly afterwards, they created “The COPS Crew” to aid, counsel, educate others who are undergoing paranormal encounters, and reveal what happened to them.  They never charge for an investigation.  Their motto is, “We seek truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal.”
Check out their website for more information about this group:

Paranormal Investigation Equipment (P.I.E.)
The Paranormal Investigation Equipment’s shop has set out to assist anyone in the paranormal field in finding the best equipment and tools for their paranormal studies.  They provide you with quality paraphernalia at affordable prices.  They will also aid others in their inquiries a…

The Toxic Advenger & Tutu

The Toxic Avenger is the tale of Melvin (played by Mark Trogl), known as mop boy, who lives in the fictitious town of Tromaville, and works at the Tromaville Health Club.  Melvin caters to the snobby, self-indulgent and disrespectful club affiliates to the point of trusting their phony behavior.  His convictions eventually cause him to inadvertently tumble into a tub of toxic waste and change his life forever.  The consequence of this accident is a horrific, but humorous crusader known as the Toxic Avenger.  He vows to clean up the town of all the dishonesty and tormentors like those who are members of the health club. 

TOXIC TUTU is a mockumentary feature film that chronicles the emergence of Mark Torgl, who starred as Melvin the Mopboy in the legendary cult film classic "The Toxic Avenger" (Troma classic).
This flick cuts to thirty years later after a long absenteeism from our crusader, the Toxic Avenger.  The certainty of the films accuracy evolves as we follow Mark from …

Fear Farm's Daytime Tour

I took many pictures of the Fear Farm attractions when Sharon and I took a daytime tour.  I put most of them on a video along with eerie music.  Hopefully, this will get some of you very excited to attend Fear Farm next Halloween season.

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The Horror Show

What exactly is the Horror Show?  They are a group of enthusiastic admirers of the grotesque and the terrifying.Their unique entertainment videos and pictures span anywhere from evaluating movies, explaining various bits and pieces of horror, and also some humor as well.As they state on their YouTube page:“We are a Horror-Themed Variety Channel!”Check them out and be sure to follow them.
Twitter: @HorrorShow666

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Creatures, Zombies and Clowns...Oh My!

I saw some interesting and scary things running amuck along the midway at Phoenix FearCon.  There were zombies, various creatures, creepy clowns wandering around scaring the guests, and even the vendors.  I pulled out my camera and shot everyone of them:

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Phoenix FearCon 2014: My Experience

It all started on Halloween when Sharon Day (Ghost Hunting Theories) and I headed out to the Marriot Hotel where we would stay for the weekend.  The hotel was located near Interstate 10 and the 101 on 95th Lane in Avondale, AZ.  The FearCon event was on 99th Avenue where Fear Farm is located.  We got to the hotel at check-in time and went right up to the room.  We typically like to relax a bit before heading out to whatever we have planned.  We had plenty of time before the Halloween Ball at 7:30, so we pulled out our laptops and tablets to see our friends and their kids in fun costumes on Facebook.  Before getting our costumes on, we went down to the cafĂ© to get a bite to eat for supper.  After eating, it was back to the room to transform into an 80’s rocker and a pirate wench for Sharon.
We had fun getting ready and putting on our attire.  Sharon did my makeup which was a typical, over-the-top 80’s look.  I put on my red and black wig which completed the look.  After taking selfies…