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Staying Home and Keeping Busy

During this corona virus pandemic I am staying home with my hubby. This is the new normal for now, but I will probably do some things differently after this is over. One of the things I miss is visiting my 91 year old Mother. She is in a small group home and they locked it down over a month ago. She and all the ladies working and living there are all doing well. The virus has not gotten to them, thank goodness. I received a picture of her just recently, and I was thankful for that. I would rather stay away than be the one to get her sick. Mom Another thing I am doing different is shopping more online especially for food. I have always liked going inside the brick-and-mortar stores to do my shopping. I liked grabbing my cart and wandering around getting what was on my list and then some. I would rather pick out my own veggies and fruit, so letting someone else do that is different. We bought items online we probably would have went in the store for, but rather be safe than sorry. What a