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My Christmas Present to Me

The best present I could give myself is a healthy start to next year.  In September, after months and years of failed diets, and on the suggestion of my doctor, I went to his physician assistant for help in losing weight.  He told me that my last blood test reveled that my sugar levels were high as well as my blood pressure.  My liver counts were off, and my weight showed I was in the obese range.  He was concerned that I was eventually going to be diabetic with high blood pressure and cholesterol.  He wanted me to lose weight because he felt that it could be the root of all my health issues.  I tried every thing possible to get the weight off, but only lost 3 lbs.  He suggested going to his physician assistant who can offer a strict weight lost plans that works.  I was desperate and ready to get going on my healthier life and made the appointment to get started.

Me at my heaviest.

On the first day, I weighed in at 169 lbs, with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar counts which…

Tucked in the Red Rocks

The Chapel of the Holy Cross, a well known and familiar sight tucked inside the red rocks. This Roman Catholic cathedral was built in 1956 and took only 18 months to complete. It offers spectacular views of Sedona and all its famous rock formations from its chapel’s large windows.

The View From Snow Bowl

There was no skiing going on when we visited the Snow Bowl in Flagstaff on Thanksgiving.  It was chilly but the view was breathtaking.

Northern AZ: Haunted Historic Hotels


The Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ, opened its doors on New Year's Day in 1927.  Many famous people have spent time in this glorious place.  After many years of being neglected, the hotel got a total makeover. Today, the hotel has been renovated back to its former glory and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  This hotel is a mecca of many ghost sightings.  A ghostly bellboy has been reported knocking on room's doors and quickly disappearing when the guest answers it.  Employees and guests have see an apparition of a woman wandering the halls, a bank robber from the 1970's who died in the lounge, and a resident who lived in the hotel many years ago.  He can be heard clearing his throat and coughing.


In 1889, John W. Weatherford built his brick building in downtown Flagstaff, and named it the Weatherford Hotel.  The two-story structure had a general store on the bottom, while the Weatherford family lived upstairs.  In March o…

Wupatki Ruins

East of Flagstaff, near Sunset Crater Volcano, are the ruins of the farming community of Wupatki (wuh-POT-kee).  Built sometime between 400 to 1700, this unique settlement was able to thrive even with the scarce water supply and harsh weather.  Wupatki was self sustaining with a mix of Sinagua, Chohonina, and Kayenta Anasazi cultures trading and working together to built a successful community.

The homes were constructed with sandstone, limestone blocks, and chunks of basalt set with a clay-based mortar.  They ranged from single-story one family dwellings to multi-level high rises with over 100 rooms in each.  These sturdy structures have withstood the test of time throughout all the vandalism and unpredictable weather for over 700 years.  Surrounding the homes are a couple of circular formations.  One of the structures was a community room where the people gathered from time to time.  The other circular structure was a ceremonial ball court.  Many believe this also served as a water…

Lava Under the Snow

History says that the volcanic activity happened sometime between 1040 and 1100, creating over 600 volcanic mountains in the San Francisco Peak area.  All the habitat was wiped out when the lava blanketed the land.  The first eruption lasted almost a year and had two lava flows which eat everything in their paths leaving an amazing display of harden lava formations.  A 1,000 foot-high volcano was formed and erupted many times shooting debris in the air covering around 800 square miles of norther Arizona with ash.

I have been to the Sunset Crater Volcano Park near Flagstaff a couple of times, summer and winter.  I must say seeing the lava covered with snow is breathtaking.

Friday The 13th Post

Friday the 13th is typically not a bad day for me.  Sharon and I will be getting tattoos today.  Actually, she is getting hers refreshed and I am getting one on my back (tramp stamp) as a tribute to my parents. It will resemble the picture below.  They square danced for many years and loved every minute of it.  When my Dad wasn't able to keep up anymore, they had to stop.  I remember going with them to many square dancing events when I was a little girl.  I have so many fond memories.

**Update: No tattoo today. They are only doing Friday the 13th tattoos.  I will have to wait until next year.

Another Arizona Historic Site

Approximately 35 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ, and just past Two Guns, sits an enormous 50,000 year old hole in the ground.  The Meteor Crater is around 700 feet deep and three-quarters of a mile wide.  The impact is compared to hurricane-force winds blowing in all directions tossing 175 million tons of rock in the air.  The crater only took 10 seconds to form taking out all vegetation in the surrounding area.

My family and I revisited this large historic site the day before Thanksgiving.  It still takes my breath away seeing the devastation the meteor has caused.  It is an awesome site for all to visit.

The Perfect Flagstaff Rental

For Thanksgiving this year, my husband and I wanted to do something different with the family.  So for the entire week we rented a wonderful 4 bedroom house/cabin in Flagstaff, AZ.  For the reasonable price, you get a large kitchen, dining, living, fireplace, and master bedroom suite.  Along with the 3 car garage, there is 3 other bedrooms, a loft space, and 2 1/4 bathrooms.  We were so lucky because it snowed the week before we were there and was treated to a blanket of fresh white snow.  From the huge front window, the views of the mountains are breathtaking.
The house is located on the outskirts of Flagstaff and near the historic district.  You are within driving distance of the Meteor Crater, Lava Park, Snow Bowl, Grand Canyon, and many other historic sites.  I would recommend this place for you and a group of your friends for a northern Arizona getaway.

Here is there website if you are interested in renting the place: