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Zombies Invade Phoenix

As you know Sharon and I (Liz and Stella), along with some friends, participated in Phoenix's 2011 Zombie Walk.  We gathered in a park in downtown Phoenix along with almost 4000 other zombies, food (humans), and ghostbusters helping the zombie police to keep things from running amuck. I have picked some of the best zombie pictures to show you.  Some people did such a fantastic job putting on their best zombie faces. 

Happy Halloween

Have a fun and safe day and night.

Hidden in the Corn Maze

Send in five goofy women in a dark corn maze and you just never know what you will find.  This is what it was like inside.

Down on the Farm

Along with the haunting corn maze, and wonderful pumpkin patch, Schnepf Farms had many other fun things to offer.  The smell of BBQ resonated all over the place with some of the best chili around making our mouths water.  After eating our delicious dinner, we wandered around the farm to see the sites.  There were rides for the little kiddies and some for us bigger kiddies too.  There was farm animals in pens and some we could pet.  We walked down the main drag where a person's sweet tooth would start aching with delight.  There was a candy store and others with homemade treats.  We had a great time scaring ourselves and others in the corn maze, cruising on the hayride, and eating the Italian ice right before leaving for home.  All and all, we had a blast at Schnepf Farms.

The Pumpkin Patch at Night

The pumpkin patch is beautiful to look at by day, but I like the way it looked at night even more.  It had a bit of an eerie look to it.  The first couple of pictures were taken with a flash but the last two were shot with no flash, using the natural light.  Those are my favorites because they have a moody/Halloween look to them.

Terror in the Corn Maze

We had way too much fun running around in the dark corn maze at Schnepf Farms.  Here is one of the crazy videos I made with my night vision camera.  I still need to work out the bugs when using it.  I forgot to shut it off midway through, but it just shows what crazy fun ladies we are, haha!

Back to the Haunted Corn Maze

It is that time of year again.  Sharon and I are headed back to Schnepf's Farm and their haunted corn maze.  This time we plan to find that phantom ghost hiding in the maze and hopefully scare him before he scares us.  Be looking for more photos and stories. 

Kirkland and the Haunted Bar

Around 25 miles southwest of Prescott, Arizona, sits a tiny community of Kirkland. This “unincorporated” community does have a post office along with the Kirkland Bar & Steakhouse Hotel. On October 1, 1998, the store and hotel’s building was put on the National Register of Historic Places.

Kirkland was named after William H. Kirkland who came to the valley in 1863 with his wife Missouri and children. William was a farmer and was the first to raise barley from the grounds of Yavapai County. He was also a miner and with his 16 horses and workers of approximately 30 men, he found many nuggets of gold. Five years after moving to the valley which now bears their name, Kirkland moved his family to Phoenix.

Sometime in the 1880’s, the Rudy family moved to Kirkland and built a place where stagecoaches can stop and the weary riders can rest. In 1894, Thomas Earnhart built a store where the Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse now stand. This store not only sold merchandise for all the miners and ranc…