Scouting the Woods for Bigfoot

When we got up the next day, we decided to check out areas in the woods to see where we wanted to do our Bigfoot hunt.  We had some concerns because this was day one of hunting season and we did not want to end up on someones car hood.  We could hear shots but they were far, far away from where we were.

Our scout Vinnie checking things out.

Vinnie in the thick of things.

My hubby (Gary) and James checking out the area.

Sharon near the dried up creek doing Bigfoot calls and knocking on trees.

Sharon felt like we were being watched from this area.

Interesting arch.

Sharon and James looking for Bigfoot and whatever else might be there.

Vinnie or Bigfoot?

Done looking for now.  Back to the cabin.

Looks like Bigfoot was checking us out and looking for food.
(Perhaps Twinkies or cookies?)


  1. From the rusty color I'd guess there was a lot of iron in the soil on those dirt roads. Looks like you guys had nice weather for your expedition.

  2. That was a blast being able to yell. I have to admit, the little girl in me was going "Oh goodie! Oh goodie!" The sense of being watched in that one particular spot was overwhelming. I am curious to try a different area like the White Mountains Apache area next time!

  3. Did you bring any beef jerky???

  4. Big Foot hunting looks fun if for no other reason than it is a good excuse to spend a lovely day wandering through the woods!

  5. Bubba, the weather was awesome! It got pretty chilly at night but the day was perfect 70 degree weather.

    Sis, your BF calls were funny. I kept my eyes on that area too. I heard movement and knew Vins wasn't near there. It was a fun time.

    Barry, we didn't, just donuts.

    Jessica, I love any excuse to get out of the city and head for the woods.

  6. Out there on the first day of hunting season? Are you nuts? I wouldn't trust those crazy drunks with guns for a personal sit down with BF.

  7. Looks like you all had tons of fun. I hope you find BF someday!

  8. Haha MM, we didn't know it was hunting season until we got there. Thankfully they were far away from civilization and where we were looking for BF.

    Vivienne, we did have fun. It would be great to get a glimpse of the big hairy creature someday.


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