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Primative Decorating

  I always had a special love for antiques and old worn-out furniture. Whenever I went to an antique store, I was drawn to the wood cabinets, baskets, antique cookware, crocks, and all things that were less than perfect that time has taken its toll on. Basically, organic items that looked like they decorated a home in colonial times. I knew that it was a Scandinavian style that I loved but didn't know it had a particular name. One day I was checking out my recommends on YouTube, and I saw one that was posted by Bridgett's Primitive Passion. The thumbnail on the video showed very old decor and she was doing a house tour. This definitely caught my attention, so I watched it. Oh my, this was definitely my type of decorating. The house looked warm and cozy with all the primitive items throughout the entire house. My decor style had a name. Primitive decorations are a colonial period style. All the cabinets were very old with chippy paint and was full of antiques. Each room looked l

Spring at the Riparian Water Reserve

The Riparian Water Reserve is one of the places Sharon and I like to go in the spring to take photos. That place never disappoints. This is what we saw on our latest outing.